Bespoke first-of-a-kind online learning experiences for Organisations & all Australian's. 

Modern technology making ancient knowledge accessible to anyone, anywhere at anytime. 

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About Yarn Bark's online learning experiences.

Yarn Bark is leading the way in the innovation of a series of first-of-kind and groundbreaking online learning experiences that make opportunities to build cultural intelligence and to learn about First Nations Culture, History, Community and Ways of Being more accessible than ever.

Housed on a professional online course platform our self paced online learning experiences are accessible via an app on any smart device or login portal here on Yarn Barks website. Consisting of video content, well-thought and designed complementing activities, immersive cultural expression and a safe interactive engagement platform.

Since launching our inaugural online learning experience Acknowledging Country Meaningfully in 2022 we now have over 4,000 people and organisations enrolled.

Our vision is to create highly accessible learning experiences that are evolving and relevant and delivered with an approach that is deeply reflective of and grounded in First Nations Knowledge Sharing approaches and connection to country. Authentically speaking to the hearts and minds of all Australia People.

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Acknowledging Country Meaningfully. 

Conducting acknowledgments of country with our words has been a step in the right direction in coming to terms with Australia’s history, but the understanding of how to translate these verbal acknowledgments of country into meaningful and tangible action is missing greatly. 

 Moving beyond this belief that acknowledging county is simply the matter of pronouncing or providing a structured  written statement, this course explores what it means, looks, sounds and feels like at a deeper and more transformative level. 

At Yarn Bark we believe that truly Acknowledging First Nations People’s and Country must be weaved into our attitudes, values, behaviors and ways of being and interacting with the world. It is in fact an embodiment, not a task to partake in against our will.

This process of embodiment is about relationship building, deep listening, reconsidering our values, challenging previous learnings and understandings, coming to terms with history, overcoming power dynamics, centering First Nations voices and making intentional and caring effort.

This is depth of content in which we will explore throughout the Acknowledging Country Meaningfully online learning experience.

You will leave this course with transformed perspectives, a deepened awareness, a renewed empathy and a healthier connection and relationship towards / with Australia’s First Nations People, Culture, and Country.

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Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening (EFNKD). 

Deconstructing and breathing life into the outdated ‚ÄúCultural Awareness Training‚ÄĚ Yarn Barks highly accessible Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening (EFNKD) is a first-of-kind learning experience suitable for individuals, corporates, education settings and community organisations.

This certified learning experience explores ‚Äúcultural safety‚ÄĚ as an embodied practice. Grounded in First Nations perspectives, worldviews and through a trauma informed lens. Moving beyond the limitations of a cognitive training, the leaner will leave this space with transformed perspectives, renewed empathy and a deepened relatedness to First Nations Practices, Knowledge and Experiences on this land.

EFNKD covers a diversity of topics through our format of Campfires (Modules) with accompanying Yarns (videos). You can review the featured content and learnings at the button below. 

Too often trainings such as cultural awareness or cultural safety are floored in their deficient-based approach. Only exploring First Nations Culture and History through the colonial lens. Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening, whilst still exploring the injustices, impacts and truths of colonisation, intentionally centres the unique strengths, qualities and methodologies that are central to First Nations ways of being in a way that they can be embodied and embraced by individuals, collective groups and organisations in the modern world.

This is about moving beyond our acceptance of cultural safety and awareness as a cognitive practice in the form of a written policy, strategic plan or ambitious commitment statements. These will never work alone. We must move beyond and understand how we can move towards embodying cultural safety and understandings in our attitudes, values, actions, behaviours and ways of doing and being.

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Cultural Education & Immersion for Teachers, Classrooms & Parents. 

Yarn Bark has delivered Cultural Immersion & Education experiences to Primary and Secondary schools for the past 10 years.

This recourse has been developed specifically to support educators to confidently deliver meaningful and engaging First Nations Education content to Young People throughout Australia.

The development of this recourse is a result of receiving repetitive feedback from countless educators who have expressed the difficulty associated with identifying meaningful and accurate information sources to inform the design of classroom content and a lack of confidence and awareness to what is culturally appropriate / within their scope to be teaching.  

This resource provides well-thought and culturally immersed content for students to deepen their awareness and connection to First Nations Culture, Knowledge, Practices and Ways of Being and supports them to understand how this relates to them in a modern world.

For educators, this is much more than just another recourse to pick up and deliver blindly with limited support. This is an evolving resource that is backed by a safe, caring and collaborative learning environment that inspires, mentors and builds their capacity and confidence to creatively embed First Nations history, peoples and cultures effectively in their classrooms.

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