Supporting First Nations Communities & Young People  to Heal & Live Well. 

Designing & facilitating deeply engaging workshops and programs, "our way", that support First Nations Young People & Communities to heal & rediscover the power of culture and identity. 

Healing Our Healers.

Healing our Healers is an experience designed for First Nations teams in Aboriginal Controlled Organisations, Government Departments, Social Enterprises or Public / Private sectors. It aims to prevent and address burnout and centre well-being and self-care in individuals and teams that are actively working in community to eliminate disadvantage, respond to and provide care in crisis, change outdated systems or to strengthen the holistic health, wellbeing and futures of First Nations Community.

Healing our Healers facilitates an opportunity for individuals and teams to slow down and prioritize their own well-being, self-care and “community of practice” to ensure they are in a position to provide service to the community from a healthy and connected standpoint.

Healing our Healers is providing a critical opportunity that our communities are yearning for. Disturbingly, it has become natural for experiences such as this to not hold a place of significance or importance. We must change the narrative of working, fighting and providing endlessly in order to survive, by balancing and claiming the right to our own self-care, well-being and  healing journeys. Healing our Healers is here to support in changing that narrative.


Crafting Our Healing Experience.

When Yarn Bark was first established we had a specific focus on traditional craft and artefact making. After many years of sharing this ancient practice and the end to end process of brining artefacts to life, we have come to know the deeper healing elements that can be experienced throughout the process.

The process of creating artefacts naturally facilitates and promotes all elements of healthy expression. Creative, Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. It transcends us out of survival mode and into the present moment. It is here that self exploration and healing can occur. 

Our Traditional Craft Workshops facilitate an experience that promotes a deeper connection to self and others. Holding a safe and caring space for meaningful yarns to take place, whilst being proud of the physical artefacts that come to life as part of the process 

Kareeta Meerta Peeneeyt - Grow & Rise Up Strong.

At the heart of Yarn Bark is the spaces we hold and facilitate for First Nations Young People to find strength, power and happiness in themselves, each other and their community. 

Kareeta Meerta Peeneeyt - Grow & Rise Up Strong is a four part workshop series guided by growing evidence and First Nations knowledge that connection to culture, land, community, spirituality and ancestry are critical protective factors and essential to establishing purpose, meaning and belonging in the lives of First Nations Young People. 

This highly interactive, engaging and strength based workshop aims to support First Nations Young People to realise their inherited strength, knowledge and capacity to live holistically healthy lives. Seeing them proud. Not shame. Empowered. Not disempowered. 

Grounded in First Nations ways of being and learning approaches, this workshop series facilitates a journey of exploring self care and wellbeing, overcoming shame and limiting labels, connecting to the power of our individual and collective community narratives and identity and finding confidence in our voices as First Nations Young People. 

Ngooyt Ngeeye Wartee - Healing Our Brothers 

Yarn Bark has the capacity to hold culturally safe and respectful spaces for First Nations Men aged 17+. We deeply understand the historic and current experience that First Nations Men navigate and endure. 

We are passionate about supporting our men in community to overcome cycles, address trauma and eliminate unhealthy behaviours from their lives. Reinstating purpose, belonging and strong sense of self-worth. 

Our work with First Nations Men is hands on and grounded in cultural practices and expression. 

Tailored Programs & Workshops

Although we have developed a series of "ready made" program and workshop experiences. We are open to all opportunities align with our area's of expertise and that aim to support First Nations Communities to be connected happy, healthy and well.

Please reach out with any opportunities for Yarn Bark to partner or support you work and community. Keeping in mind Yarn Bark is based in Victoria and open to opportunities Australia Wide. 

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