Ngatanwarr Wartee Ngeerrangoon

Hello our brothers and sisters. 

Welcome to Yarn Bark. A place to connect deeply to First Nations History and Ways of Being. 

We care to heal First Nations People and Communities and with that is the healing of relationships with non-Indigenous Australia. 

Wata Koopa Takort Kupangal (Come and sit with us my friend)

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First Nations Peoples feel a deep sense of happiness and belonging and their knowledge, methodologies,  wisdom and stories are rightfully placed at the front and center of how we move forward as a Nation.


To support First Nations People and Communities on their journey of healing and reconnecting to their cultural foundations and pathways, whilst providing transformational experiences that support the growth of cultural intelligence of all Australian people.

About Us

Facilitating Connections to the Heartbeat of First Nations Culture and Ways of Being

We are committed to providing opportunities for all people to connect deeply to Australia's First Nations Peoples and Culture in the most authentic way possible. We see this as an opportunity to heal and forge new relationships between Indigenous and non-indigenous people and communities. 

We offer a range of workshops and experiences tailored to suit education and corporate settings.  

Mainstream Offerings

Supporting First Nations People and Communities to Heal

Yarn Bark Exists to support First Nations Communities and Young People to heal and realize their inherited strength, knowledge and capacity to live holistically healthy lives through connection to culture, community and country.

We work to build resilience to external societal pressures, behaviors and perceptions and relinquishing First Nations Peoples from entrenched intergenerational trauma and sadness and reinstating purpose and belonging.

We have developed a range of workshops, programs and initiatives particularly for First Nations Young People.  

First Nations Offerings

Traditional Craft and Artefact Making

We are committed to keeping alive the ancient practice of traditional craft and artefact making. We challenge the mass production of fake artefacts that are made in factories and sold as “authentic Australian souvenirs”. 

Through our work we share the end to end process of artefact creation. A practice that enables connection to self, others and the land whilst facilitating an opportunity for emotional, spiritual, physical, cultural and creative expression. 

At Yarn Bark we craft and sell our artefacts and instruments direct to buyers and advertise the work of other grassroots First Nations craftsman across the county. 

Artefacts and Craft

Online Courses 

We have developed a series of online courses that are the first of a kind product and learning experience to be created and offered by a First Nations led organization.

Created using a professional online course platform, our courses are easily accessible and self paced with lifetime access upon purchase.

Compromised of pre recorded video and immersed with First Nations perspectives, knowledge and forms of cultural expression.

Suitable for individuals, schools and organizations wanting to deepen their understanding, respect and connection towards First Nations Peoples, Country, Culture and Community.

All profits going towards our youth cultural mentoring programs. 

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Want to learn how to truly acknowledge First Nations Country Meaningfully?

Are you living, working, visiting or learning on the traditional lands of Australia’s First Nations Peoples? Do you wish to acknowledge the country at your place of stay, residence, work or study respectfully? Do you work alongside or with First Nations People, Students, Clients or Communities?

Are you someone that is willing to listen and learn from a grassroots First Nations Led Social Enterprise about how you can acknowledge country more meaningfully, not just in a official context but in your everyday life? 

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then this online self paced course is for you! 

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