Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening

A certified online learning experience grounded in First Nations perspectives, wisdom and worldviews that moves beyond the limitations of the outdated cognitive and deficient-based "Cultural Safety" training. Facilitating a strength based, refreshed and deepened approach to building the cultural intelligence of Australian Organisations & People. 

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Highly Accessible

Self-Paced Video Modules & Easy Login Access Via App or Login Portal. A flexible learning approach that allows you to digest and process content in your own space and time, without feeling pressured or rushed. 

First Nations Way

Delivered as an "On-Country Yarning Circle" experience. Grounded and immersed with ancient wisdom and different methods of cultural expression. A delivery style that is authentic, genuine and reflective of First Nations Ways of Doing and Being. 

Safe Space

A learning community that deeply values and facilitates a sense of safety, care and belonging for all involved. Free from judgment, this is a space that promotes healthy conversation and opportunities to seek clarification and ask questions. 

Greater Impact

All proceeds from EFNKD registrations fund Yarn Barks well-being, healing and cultural connections workshops and programs for First Nations Families and Young People throughout Australia. 


Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening (EFNKD)

Deconstructing and breathing life into the outdated “Cultural Awareness Training” Yarn Barks highly accessible Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening (EFNKD) is a first-of-kind learning experience suitable for individuals, corporates, education settings and community organisations. 

Facilitating content with an approach that is reflective of First Nations Ways of Being this learning experience will take you on a culturally immersed journey that deepens your understanding, awareness and connection to First Nations Culture and History. 

This certified learning experience explores “cultural safety” as an embodied practice. Grounded in First Nations perspectives, worldviews and through a trauma informed lens. Moving beyond the limitations of a cognitive training, the leaner will leave this space with transformed perspectives, renewed empathy and a deepened relatedness to First Nations Practices, Knowledge and Experiences on this land. 

The delivery approach of EFNKD places an emphasis on creating a safe, caring and respectful environment as the grounds for achieving meaningful participation and learning outcomes. We understand that all people come with differing levels of knowledge and prior learnings and we welcome all people to have a place around this campfire. 

EFNKD covers a diversity of topics through our format of Campfires (Modules) with accompanying Yarns (videos). You can review the featured content and learnings further down on this page. Housed on a professional online course software, this resource is living and evolving overtime. 

Too often trainings such as cultural awareness or cultural safety are floored in their deficient-based approach. Only exploring First Nations Culture and History through the colonial lens. EFNKD whilst still exploring the injustices, impacts and truths of colonisation, intentionally centres the unique strengths, qualities and methodologies that are central to First Nations Culture and People. 

EFNKD comes after the well received launch of Acknowledging Country Meaningfully (ACM). Our inaugural online learning experience which has achieved 5,000 enrolments in just over 12 months. EFNKD builds upon, strengthens and broadens the learnings featured in ACM. 

The format, delivery style, content and flexible accessibility of EFNKD is bespoke in nature. If you or your organisation are looking to strengthen your engagement approach with First Nations Communities and to transform your approach to reconciliation then this is for you. 

This is about moving beyond our acceptance of cultural safety and awareness as a cognitive practice . Written policies, strategic plans, empty promises and ambitious commitment statements have not, and will not, ever work alone. We work towards embodying cultural safety in our attitudes, values, actions, behaviours and ways of doing and being. 

This starts at an individual and organisational level. 

About The Facilitator & Course Creator

Will Austin is a proud Peek Woorroong Keerraay Woorroong First Nations Man from Victoria's Western Districts. Will is a grassroots leader committed to reviving First Nations knowledge, practices and ways of being to be embraced and acknowledged by a modern society.

Central to Wills character is love, empathy and authenticity. He is a natural and experienced facilitator and connector of all people. 

In addition to his role as CEO of Yarn Bark, Will is the Senior First Nations Manager at YLab Global, a Youth Co-Design and Consultancy Agency and is the Founder of Mental Health Promotion Charity, Turn to Me.

Will has a diversity of experience across non-for-profit, education, government and community settings and is passionate about combining his deep cultural wisdom, western knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit to create bespoke and highly accessible learning spaces for the broader Australian population. 

Enrolment Pledge!

Are you deeply committed and ready to come along this incredibly exciting journey with us? Be one of the first to leap into this bespoke learning experience by pledging your commitment below!