Keeping alive an ancient practice for all people to embrace and future generations to inherit 

Artefacts and Craft

For thousands of years First Nations People have used natural timbers and recourses to craft artefacts, tools and instruments that have been critical to our survival and continuation of cultural practices. 

The process of creation of these items is much more significant than just the making of  the physical item itself. It facilitates a journey of connection to self, others and the land and provides a space for physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural and creative expression. Therefore becoming  a practice that increases well-being and facilitates healing. 

At Yarn Bark we are committed to sharing this practice with the world by providing a platform to promote and sell the work of grassroots First Nations Craftsman. Whilst bringing awareness to the wrongdoings of companies mass producing fake artefacts in factories at selling them at alarming rates as "Authentic Australian Made". 

You can support us in keeping this ancient practice alive by purchasing our work directly or brining awareness to our work through sharing across your social media channels. 

Keep up to date below for any ticketed traditional craft workshops we offer to the public in the future.