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Cultural Immersive Keynote.

Delivered by experienced facilitator, speaker, CEO of Yarn Bark and Proud Peek Woorroong Keerraay Woorroong Man, Will Austin, this keynote will open the hearts and minds of all people in attendance and inspire the curious foundations required for further learning in regards to First Nations Culture & History here in Australia. An energetic experience drawing on the power of cultural expression that moves an audience to connect to the essence of First Nations People and Ways of Being in an emotional, meaningful and educational manner. The perfect experience for organisations, corporates or education settings. 

Acknowledging Country Meaningfully. 

There is a growing awareness that the structured Acknowledgement of Country we have come to know and accept is outdated and in many cases tokenistic.¬†Moving beyond the belief that Acknowledging First Nations County is simply the matter of pronouncing a script, Yarn Barks workshop ‚ÄúAcknowledging Country Meaningfully‚ÄĚ facilitates a safe space where we explore what it means, looks, sounds and feels like at a deeper and more transformative level.

In this workshop we facilitate a journey of learning, unlearning, challenging beliefs, overcoming ego, building relationships and opening our hearts to First Nations ways of being. It involves deep listening, relationship building, coming to terms with history and understanding how we can centre First Nations Knowledge and Voices in a modern world. 

This culturally immersed workshop experience aims to eliminate many of the associated fears, doubts and pressures commonly experienced by those conducting the practice and will see those involved develop greater confidence and capacity to Acknowledge First Nations Country, History and People more meaningfully in their lives and work. 

Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening - Certified Training

Deconstructing and breathing life into the outdated ‚ÄúCultural Awareness Training‚ÄĚ Yarn Barks Embodied First Nations Knowledge Deepening (EFNKD) is a certified workshop experience suitable for corporates, education settings and community organisations.¬†

Facilitating content with an approach that is reflective of First Nations Ways of Being this training will take you on a culturally immersed journey that deepens your understanding, awareness and connection to First Nations Culture and History. 

This certified learning experience explores ‚Äúcultural safety‚ÄĚ as an embodied practice.¬†Grounded in First Nations perspectives, worldviews and through a trauma informed lens. Moving beyond the limitations of a cognitive training, the learner will leave this space with transformed perspectives, renewed empathy and a deepened relatedness to First Nations Practices, Knowledge and Experiences on this land. Whilst being better equipped to engage meaningfully and respectfully with First Nations Communities.

Healing Our Healers - Mainstream

Yarn Bark is deeply passionate about contributing to a society where all people can be healthy and well. We strongly believe that First Nations Knowledge, Practices and Ways of Being can contribute significantly to this. Which has led us to creating a specific offering ‚ÄúHealing our Healers - Mainstream‚ÄĚ.¬†

Healing our Healers (Mainstream) is a experience designed for teams across NGO’s, Government Departments, Social Enterprises or Public / Private sectors. It aims to prevent and address burnout and center well-being and self-care in individuals and teams that are actively working in community to eliminate disadvantage, respond to and provide care in crisis, change outdated systems or to strengthen the holistic health, wellbeing and futures of Australian People.

Healing our Healers facilitates an opportunity for individuals and teams to slow down and prioritize their own well-being, self-care and ‚Äúcommunity of practice‚ÄĚ to ensure they are in a position to provide service from a healthy and connected standpoint.¬†¬†

The program will guide a process for teams to harmonize through addressing and eliminating unhealthy behaviors, attitudes and dynamics in a safe space, whilst workshopping and establishing healthy foundations and principles to guide their teams work into the future.

With all content and activities grounded in First Nations Well-Being approaches, practices and ways of being this experience also supports in developing the cultural intelligence and understanding of the participating group. 


Yarn Bark offers unique consultancy services across both of our Mainstream and First Nations Services. View our specific expertise area's below and get in touch to discuss any potential opportunities to engage our service. 

Crafting the Gap (Traditional Craft Workshop).

Utilizing traditional craft and artifact making as the basis of this experience, this workshop will facilitate a safe space for participants to learn and  expand their connection to First Nations Culture, History, Methodologies and Ways of being. This is not the usual cultural intelligence or awareness training, but rather a space themed around deep, respectful and healthy connection to self, others and the land. Participants will leave this workshop with a piece of traditional craft that they have each created from start to finish, representing their  growth, transformation and learnings throughout the experience.

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