The Time is Now to Acknowledge First Nations Country; Meaningfully. 


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Acknowledging  Country Meaningfully - Online Learning Experience 

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If you are visiting, living, working or learning on the traditional lands of Australia’s First Nations Peoples, then  this online learning experience is for you.

 Many people zone out during what we have come to know as acknowledgements of country.  We know it's important and we mean well but in most cases haven't been made aware of its deeper level significance.  More often than not acknowledgments of country have become tick the box gestures.

 Conducting acknowledgments of country with our words has been a step in the right direction in coming to terms with Australia’s history, but the understanding of how to translate these verbal acknowledgments of country into meaningful and tangible action is missing greatly. 

 Moving beyond this belief that acknowledging county is simply the matter of pronouncing or providing a structured  written statement, this course explores what it means, looks, sounds and feels like at a deeper and more transformative level. 

 Over many years of facilitating cultural education, intelligence and awareness experiences the most common questions we get asked are surrounding Acknowledgments of Country, how to conduct them respectfully and more importantly what it actually looks like at it’s very core for Individuals, workspaces,  communities and the Nation.

 At Yarn Bark we believe that truly Acknowledging First Nations People’s and Country must be weaved into our attitudes, values, behaviors and ways of being and interacting with the world. It is in fact an embodiment, not a task to partake in against our will.

 This process of embodiment is about relationship building, deep listening, reconsidering our values, challenging previous learnings and understandings, coming to terms with history, overcoming power dynamics, centering First Nations voices and making intentional and caring effort.

 This is depth of content in which we will explore throughout the Acknowledging Country Meaningfully online learning experience.

You will leave this course with transformed perspectives, a deepened awareness, a renewed empathy and a healthier connection and relationship towards / with Australia’s First Nations People, Culture, and Country. 

The truth is that efforts to achieve First Nations Equity in Australia will continue to fail, as the Foundations for success have never been truly developed. Immersed with First Nations knowledge, expression and understandings this course provides a safe space to build the foundations required for First Nations and Non- Indigenous Peoples to move forward as one.

By participating in this opportunity you are accepting an important responsibility within the narrative of Australia’s History.

Wata Koopa Takort Kupangal (Come and sit with us my friend)

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Will Austin is a proud Peek Woorroong Keerraay Woorroong First Nations Man from Victoria's Western Districts. Will is a grassroots leader committed to reviving First Nations knowledge, practices and ways of being to be embraced and acknowledged by a modern society. He is committed to the healing and wellness of his community, in particular young people through connection to self, community, culture and country. Central to Wills character is love, empathy and authenticity. He is a natural facilitator and connector of all people no matter what walks of life they are from.