Join our community to deepen your understanding of how to truly acknowledge First Nations People, Culture, Country and History.


Yarn Bark is a First Nations led organisation supporting First Nations Communities and Young People to heal and realise their inherited strength, knowledge and capacity to live holistically healthy lives through connection to culture, community and country.

Yarn Bark is committed to forging deep connections between First Nations Peoples and Communities and Non – Indigenous People who live and work across these traditional lands now known as Australia. We facilitate these connections through transformational experiences that create energetic and spiritual spaces for all people to connect to the essence and heartbeat of First Nations Culture, Methodologies and way of being.

Join Yarn Barks community of people who are committed to the journey of connecting deeper to Australia’s First Nations People and History through engaging in our online and face to face learning experiences.

Wata Koopa Takort Kupangal (Come and sit with us my friends)