Charity Partner

Yarn Bark is proud to partner with Australian Suicide Awareness and Mental Health Promotion Charity, Turn to Me. 

Turn to Me is committed to turning around the prevalence  of mental illness and suicde through emphasizing the social connectedness of all Australian People. 

They work to create communities that are socially strong and deeply connected through empowering ordinary people to recognise their role in creating communities of care that become places of purpose, belonging and connection for all people to express and thrive.

Turn to Me has a vision of society where mental well-being is prioritised and valued. Where All people have someone, somewhere or something they can confidently turn to in times of need. Whilst all people believe in their inner natural capacity to provide authentic support, care and love for self, community and peers.

Turn to Me acknowledges that the prevelence of mental illness, self harm, suicide and suicide ideation is significantly higher and increasing at alarming rates within Australia’s First Nations Communities Across the Country and that pre colonisation suicide is believed to have been non existent within First Nations Communities. The growing crisis is a direct result of compounding, complex, collective and intergenerational traumas that in many instances stem from past and current policies and systems that do not align with First Nations Peoples way of life and traditional community minded and well-being methodologies. Resulting in a broad range of deeply entrenched negative health outcomes. 

It has become increasingly evident that effective solutions to issues affecting First Nations communities must be led and coordinated by the communities themselves and it is crucial that this self determined approach is advocated for and supported more broadly across the country.

As a commitment to the above, Turn to Me has forged a partnership with the Yarn Bark to provide First Nations specific offerings that align strongly with the purpose of Turn to Me.