Flexible & Accessible Avenues to Deepen Your Respect and Understanding of Australia’s First Nations History 

Online Courses

We have developed a series of online courses that are the first of a kind product and learning experience to be created and offered by a First Nations led organization.

Created using a professional online course platform, our courses are easily accessible and self paced with lifetime access upon purchase.

Compromised of pre recorded video, developed recourses and immersed with First Nations perspectives, knowledge and forms of cultural expression.

Suitable for individuals, schools and organizations wanting to deepen their understanding, respect and connection towards First Nations Peoples, Country, Culture and Community in a flexible and accessible way.

All profits going towards our youth cultural mentoring programs. 

Acknowledging Country Meaningfully

Are you living, working or learning on the traditional lands of Australia’s First Nations Peoples? Do you wish to acknowledge the country at your place of stay, residence, work or study respectfully? Do you work alongside or with First Nations People, Clients or Communities?

Are you someone that is willing to listen and learn from a grassroots First Nations Led Social Enterprise about how you can acknowledge country more meaningfully, not just in a official context but in your everyday life?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above then this online self paced course is for you! 

Moving beyond the belief that acknowledging county is simply the matter of pronouncing or providing a structured  written statement, this course explores what it means, looks, sounds and feels like at a deeper and more transformative level and entails content that is immersed with First Nations perspectives, cultural expression (song, language and storytelling) and methodologies of being.

This course will build the foundations you need to confidently move forward knowing how you can continue to acknowledge and respect First Nations Country, People and History. 

Wata Koopa Takort Kupangal (Come and sit with us my friend)


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First Nations Knowledge Deepening

The First Nations Knowledge Deepening Course consists of extensively developed content that takes participants on a transformational learning experience that will strengthen your relationship and understanding with the First Nations History of Australia. 

You will leave this course with a newly found awareness and respect for First Nations History, Peoples, Knowledge, Wisdom, Resistance and Ways of Being and will understand at deeper level how you can be a positive advocate and ally for the First Nations Community. 

At Yarn Bark we believe that there ancient principles, practices and values that that should be at the forefront of how this Nation moves forward. In this course, you will be introduced to these concepts and how you can adapt them to your everyday life.

There are some significant learnings and conversations that need to be had in order to heal and forge relationships between First Nations Peoples and Non-Indigenous Peoples. Often these are happening in an uncontrolled environments that  create no clear pathway forward.

In the First Nations Knowledge Deepening course we will explore these conversations in great detail in an environment that is safe and caring for all involved.

As a result we will start to form the Foundations and Relationships required for First Nations and non-Indigenous communities to truly path the way forward together. 

 Wata Koopa Takort Kupangal (Come and sit with us my friend)

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Kalkortnan Kanang Wanga Ngooyt - Silent Deep Listening Healing Practice

An ancient First Nations healing and self connection methodology of silent deep listening and quiet still awareness, surfaced and crafted into a modern practice for all people to embrace in their daily life. 

A combination of what would is now known as mindfulness, manifesting,  meditation and earth connection.

Kalkortnan Kanang Wanga Ngooyt creates an awareness of where you've come from, why you are here, where are you going, how you will get there and where you feel a sense of belonging.

It can be used as a tool to release stored emotions and to quieten the mind in a world so easily ruled  by stress and anxiety. 

The Foundations of this practice have been utilized in First Nations Society that has thrived for over 100,000 years. 

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21 First Nations Principles in a Modern Society

At Yarn Bark we strongly believe that it is critical for Australia to place high importance on truly valuing and embracing First Nations Principles, Values and Ways of Being in the way in which we move as Nation. 

If we are honest to the current situation Australia is facing, with the destruction of the land, societal expectations / norms, acts of hate and violence, lack of self care and the overall health and wellbeing of the general population, it is clear that much needs to be done now, if we truly value the well-being of Australia's future generations. 

We believe that there are many principles that have been successfully utilized for thousands of years in First Nations Society that can be adapted  into the way that we live in the modern world. 

It starts with each individual. 

We have developed an introduction to 21 First Nations Principles in this short online course / recourse that anyone can start living by in their everyday lives.

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