Facilitating opportunities for all people to deepen their understanding and connections to First Nations Peoples and History

Corporate / Education 

We have a range of offerings that are designed to strengthen the cultural intelligence, connection and understanding of your organisation or school. Our offerings facilitate interactive, experiential and culturally immersive experiences that connect all people to the essence and heartbeat of First Nations Culture, History and Ways of Being. 

Cultural Immersive Keynote

This keynote will open the hearts and spirits of all people and inspire the foundations required  for further learning. An energetic experience  surfacing the power of cultural expression  and spirit through traditional song, movement, storytelling and yidaki that moves an audience to connect to the essence of First Nations Culture, People and History in an emotional, meaningful and educational manner.

Delivery Method: In-person or Virtual 

Location: Australia Wide 

Setting: Education & Corporate 

Cultural Intelligence Training

Our cultural intelligence training provides a transformational experience that will boost your organisations cultural intelligence and growth. It dives deep into First Nations methodologies of being and facilitates practical examples of how they can be adapted in a modern context by all people to strengthen relationships and outcomes when working with and engaging First Nations People and Communities.

Delivery Method: In-person or Virtual 

Location: Australia Wide 

Setting: Education (Educators) & Corporate 

A spirit warming day on country - Cultural Intelligence. Our Way. 

Magical things evolve when you remove the constraints of time and structure and allow yourself to connect wholly to the present moment. Delivered on 100 acres of bushland in Central Victoria, this Cultural Intelligence offering will take your organisations staff on a deeply spiritual and moving experience that will enlighten perspectives and facilitate connection to the very essence and beauty of First Nations Culture and Way of Being.

As opposed to whiteboards and PowerPoints, this experience will hold safe and “sacred” yarning circles, where transformational learnings and conversations will occur through personal sharing, storytelling and modern ceremonial processes.

Intrinsic to this experience is traditional methodologies of self-care, particularly embodying mother earth in all her forms and having trust in the spirit of place to guide the learning journey for the group involved.

Delivery Method: In-person or Virtual 

Location: Victoria

Setting: Corporate 



Crafting the Gap

Utilising traditional craft and artefact making as the basis of this experience, this workshop will facilitate a safe space for non Indigbeous people to learn and  expand their connection to First Nations Culture, History, Methodologies and Ways of being. This is not the usual cultural intelligence or awareness training, but rather a space themed around deep, respectful and healthy connection to self, others and the land. Participants will leave this workshop with a piece of traditional craft that they have each created from start to finish, representing their  growth, transformation and learnings throughout the experience. 

Delivery Method: In-person 

Location: Victoria only with the possibility of being Australia Wide, recourse dependant. 

Setting: Education & Corporate 

Acknowledging Country Meaningfully

If your school, organisation or program is based on the lands of Australia’s First Nations Peoples, then this introduction workshop to Acknowledging Country Meaningfully is for you. 

Moving beyond the belief that acknowledging county is simply the matter of pronouncing or providing a structured  written statement, this workshop explores what it means, looks, sounds and feels like at a deeper and more transformative level and entails content that is immersed with First Nations perspectives, cultural expression (song, language and storytelling) and methodologies of being.

We must move beyond the idea that acknowledging country is only something we do at the beginning of events, assemblies, meetings etc.. we must start to understand what it looks like in action, at a tangible level in our everyday lives. 

A follow on to this workshop is our online course “Acknowledging Country Meaningfully”. 

Delivery Method: In-person or Virtual 

Location: Australia Wide 

Setting: Education & Corporate 


Primary School Half / Full Day Cultural Immersion Experiences 

Yarn Bark has engaged thousands of students across primary schools with our interactive, hands on and educational cultural experiences. 

Our Cultural Education and Immersion offerings provide a positive, empowering and transformational experience that supports primary school students in developing a strong appreciation and understanding of Australia’s First Nations People, Culture and Existence. 

Delivered over half day or full day formats our experiences are highly interactive, utilising traditional dance, arts, crafts, storytelling, games, song and language activities, whilst igniting and providing a safe space for learnings and facilitated conversations to occur.

Delivered utilising a rotational format, our immersion experiences can engage whole of schools over a full day. 

Delivery Method: In-Person

Location: Australia Wide 

Setting: Education

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