Yarn Barks consultancy services aim to influence the change of systems that are non compatible with First Nations Peoples ways of being and that are proven to have negative outcomes on their  holistic health and wellbeing and cultural continuation. In addition, we deepen relationships and strengthen non-Indigenous peoples / organisations capacity to work effectively with First Nations Peoples and to maximise the impact of programs, projects and initiatives that are specifically aimed at benefiting First Nations peoples and communities.


If your organisation intends on delivering projects targeted at First Nations Communities, it is critical  you embed First Nations perspective, expertise and lived experience throughout every phase of project delivery. Yarn Bark has a well thought co-design model that centres cultural safety and First Nations Principles / Methodologies as well as the capacity to form small First Nations led project teams to work in partnership with your organization to co-create and co-deliver initiatives.

Cultural Brokering

A consultancy service to support your organisation in brokering strong relationships with First Nations People, Communities and Organisations to support you to deliver events, conferences, projects and workshops that requires engagement from multiple First Nations Stakeholders.

Youth Program Design and Delivery 

Yarn Bark specialise in the design and delivery of personal, skill, leadership and  cultural development  programs, healing processes and cultural mentoring initiatives targeted at First Nations Young People. We can work with your community to develop long lasting, sustainable and highly impactful programs. 

Consultancy Request

Contact us via the request form below with the details of any consultancy opportunities or directly via email.